Forge Engineering has a significant amount of experience in the reclamation of parts and components related to many industries.

Reclamation will often reduce the amount time your plant and equipment is down and certainly provides a better “environmentally friendly” recycling type outcome when compared to buying brand new parts.

Not only are we great at reclaiming components back to OEM specification but we can often provide you with improved designs and repair processes that extend the component life. Don’t wait a long time for replacement parts coming from overseas because we can most likely provide you with another solution that will get your plant and equipment back up and running asap.
Before you throw away your worn parts talk to the Forge team to find out how we can help out and save you a significant amount of money as well.

Mobile Mining type components

Hydraulic Cylinder rods, eyes, housings, guides etc

Conveyor system and process type components

Dragline and Underground mining components and parts

Ports - Stacker reclaimer items and various other processing plant parts